Constitution 200911

The Rules of the NZ Recreational GPS Society Incorporated

Incorporated at Christchurch April 2003 in accordance with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.

1. Name

The name of the Association is " NZ Recreational GPS Society Incorporated " herein after referred to as "the Society"

  1. Any statement referring to the male gender shall also refer to the female gender.

2. Objects

The objects for which the Society is established are: -

  1. To be a society of recreational GPS users, to foster and promote GPS use.
  2. To join together with or be affiliated to any organization with similar objects.
  3. To acquire property and equipment necessary for the carrying out of the foregoing.
  4. To liaise with Government Departments, Local and Regional Authorities, Legal Entities, Private Land Owners and others on any issue that may affect the members of this Society.
  5. To create Guidelines, Procedures and Rules that are binding upon members of the Society for activities in New Zealand, such as, but not limited to Geocaching.
  6. To actively promote access to public geospatial data and engage organisations on relevant geospatial issues

3. Members

  1. Interested persons become members by applying through the Secretary to the Society, which may accept such application at its absolute discretion.
  2. The Society may from time to time at the Annual Meeting appoint an individual or individuals who have rendered meritorious service to the Society as life members and all life members so appointed shall for their respective lives be exempt from liability for payments of the annual affiliation fee.

4. Affiliation Fee

The amount of the annual affiliation fee shall be set initially for each member by an even division of the Society's set up costs, thereafter such fees shall be fixed by the Management Committee and any change from that payable in the previous year shall require the approval of members. All levies payable by any member shall be in addition to the affiliation fee. New members that join up in the last 3 months of the current financial year are treated as being paid up till the end of the next complete financial year.

5. Penalties

The Management Committee may impose upon any member whose annual affiliation fee is in arrears and unpaid for the space of one calendar month from the due date thereof a fine not exceeding ten per centum of the amount of such arrears. Subscriptions shall be payable within two months of the Annual Meeting.

6. Resignation Of Members

Any member may resign from the Society by giving to the Secretary notice to that affect and every such notice shall unless otherwise expressed take effect as from the end of the financial year then current provided that all sums properly due and payable to the Society either by way of annual fee or otherwise have been paid by such member.

7. Expulsion Of Members

The Management Committee may at any time by letter invite any member within a specified time to retire for breach by the member of these Rules or for conduct prejudicial to the good name, interests or objects of the Society and in default of withdrawal to submit the question of its expulsion to a general meeting to be held within three calendar months from the date of such letter and at such meeting the member whose expulsion is under consideration shall be allowed to offer an explanation verbally and/or in writing and if thereupon two thirds of the Society delegates present shall vote for expulsion, The member shall forthwith without being released from any antecedent liability to the Society cease to be a member.

8. Alteration Of Rules

These Rules may be altered, added to, rescinded or otherwise amended subject to the following conditions:

  1. Notice of Motion giving full details of the proposed amendment shall have been sent to all members together with a notice of the meeting or raised verbally at an Annual Meeting.
  2. The motion to be passed by a two-thirds majority of those voting
  3. The meeting to be chaired by the President or in his absence by a Vice President or in his absence by a Chairman duly elected.
  4. No addition to or alteration of the Rules shall be approved if it in any way affects Rule 22 (Disposition of Surplus Assets).

9. Annual Meeting

An annual meeting should be held within two months after the end of the Society's financial year for the following purposes:

  1. To receive from the Treasurer a report, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Accounts for the preceding year and an estimate of the receipts and expenditure for the current year.
  2. To receive a report from the President.
  3. To fill vacancies on the Society for the ensuing year.
  4. To decide upon any resolutions which may be duly submitted to the meeting.

10. Special Meeting

The President or in his absence or inability any other delegate to the Society may at any time for any special purpose call a special meeting and he shall do so forthwith upon the requisition in writing of six members stating the purpose for which the meeting is required.

11. Notice Of Business

Seven clear days before a special meeting and fourteen clear days before an annual meeting or a general meeting, notice thereof and of the business to be transacted there at together with a copy of the Balance Sheet in the case of the annual meeting shall be sent to every member who has paid the affiliation fee for the current year and no business other than that of which the notice has been given shall be voted on at such meeting.

12. Service Of Notices

Every notice required to be given to the member shall be deemed to have been duly delivered if posted in a pre-paid letter addressed to the member at his last known postal address and or emailed to last known email address.

13. Procedure At Meetings - Physical or Digital

  1. At all meetings the President or in his absence any other elected Chairman shall take the chair. The President shall declare the decision of the meeting on any resolution on the basis of a verbal or digital vote unless before or immediately following such declaration voting on a show of hands or a poll shall be demanded either by the President or at least two members present in person or by proxy.
  2. Voting
    1. Voting shall be exercised in person, in writing, digitally or by proxy;
    2. In the case of equality of votes the President shall have a casting vote
    3. Every financial member shall be entitled in every motion to one vote

14. Quorum

At all meetings four duly qualified members shall constitute a quorum.

15. Society Management Committee

The Society Management Committee shall consist of:

  1. A President, appointment shall be for a two-year term. Nominees for the position of President should have had at least one year as Vice President.
  2. Two Vice Presidents who should have been a member for at least one year prior to election, and their term shall create an overlap with that of the President to ensure continuity of experience, i.e. a two-year term from election in 2004. One Vice President shall be elected from the North Island and one from the South Island.
  3. Immediate Past President (the person who was President in the immediate prior term). If a President is re-elected as President for a second or subsequent term then the position of Immediate Past President is to be replaced by an additional member (in addition to the 2 or 3 specified in Rule 15(f)).
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer provided that such office holder may also be the Secretary.
  6. Two members (three if Secretary and Treasurer positions are held by one member) plus an additional member if required by Rule 15(c).

16. Vacancies On Committee

The Management Committee shall have power to fill any casual vacancy on the Society until the next meeting and any member so appointed shall retire at the next annual meeting together with the rest of the Management Committee subject to Clause 15 (a), (b), but all or any of the retiring Committee shall be eligible for reelection. Nominations for Office Bearers may be called for during the month preceding election and up to and during the actual meeting, at which the elections are held but provided that no person may be elected except with his consent.

17. Duties Of The Society

It shall be the duty of the Management Committee generally to conduct the affairs of the Society, to keep usual and proper records of the business of the Society and notify members of intended meetings and the business to be transacted thereat and to prepare and submit to the annual meeting a report, Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts for the preceding year.

18. Control And Use Of Funds

All monies received by or on behalf of the Society, shall forthwith be paid to the credit of the Society in an account with a Trading Bank. The President, the Treasurer and one Management Committee Member as shall from time to time be authorised by the Management Committee may sign cheques and withdrawals from any such Trading Bank and two of such signatures shall be required in each instance.

19. Investment Of Funds

The Management Committee may from time to time invest and re-invest in such securities and upon such terms as may be authorised by the Trustee Act 1956 and any members thereof, the whole or any part of its funds which shall not be required for the immediate business of the Society.

20. Borrowing Power

The Society in addition to the other powers invested in it shall have the power to borrow or raise money from time to time by the issue of debentures, bonds, mortgages or any other security founded or based upon all or any of the property and/or all rights of the Society or without any such security and upon such terms as to priority and otherwise as the Society shall think fit but the powers of so borrowing or raising money shall not be exercised except pursuant to a resolution of the Society passed in meeting.

21. Accounts

The accounts of the Society shall be taken as at the 30 September in each year and shall be approved by the annual meeting.

22. Disposition Of Surplus Assets

In the event of the Society being wound-up the surplus assets after payment of the Society liabilities and the expenses of winding up shall be paid or distributed to such other Society or Clubs as shall be decided upon by the members in special meeting provided that no payment or distribution may be made between persons of the Society.

23. By-laws And Rules

The Management Committee may from time to time pass by-laws and rules, which shall be binding upon the members of the Society as if the same had been expressed herein in full.

24. Headquarters

The Headquarters of the Society to be initially in Christchurch and members not in Christchurch to be represented by their appointed delegates (or proxies) at the Annual Meeting.

25. Common Seal

  1. The Common Seal shall be kept by the Secretary at the registered office of the Association.
  2. The Common Seal shall not be fixed to a document, instrument, deed, writing, paper, or other thing unless pursuant to a resolution of the Executive and in the presence of two members of the Executive who shall sign the said document, instrument, deed, writing, paper or other thing as witnesses. Each fixture of the Common Seal shall require a separate motion of the Executive.

26. Public Relations

Only the following Society personnel are able to make public statements on behalf of the Society. Public statements include media interviews, public submissions and consultation documents.

  1. President,
  2. Vice Presidents,
  3. any Society member approved by a majority vote of the Management Committee.