Guide to Geocaching in New Zealand v1

This document was recently created in a collaborative process on the forums to provide a handy reference document for people placing and finding geocaches in New Zealand. This is the first release of what is likely to be an often updated document.


This document was developed collaboratively on the NZ GPS forums to provide a reference that provides advice on placing and finding geocaches. Note that this document is not meant to be seen as a formal set of guidelines or rules. Each geocache listing service will have their own set of rules and guidelines that apply to caches listed on their service.


This page provides an easy way to browse the terms that are used to categorise articles posted on the website. In addition, links are provided to XML/RSS feeds that you can subscribe to and be automatically notified when new articles are posted that are linked to a particular term.

Site-wide Feeds

These feeds are highlevel XML/RSS feeds for the New Zealand Recreational GPS Society.

Specific Term Feeds

The following contains a detailed list of every term used on the Society's website, the number of articles, a link to a list of those articles, and an XML/RSS feed for each.