New Zealand Geocaching Recognition and Statistics

The Hundred Plus Club

The pages linked to below contain lists of the profiles of many Kiwi geocachers. This is maintained on a somewhat irregular and informal basis via this thread on the forums.

Originally it was one page, but it has now been split into three roughly similar sized pages to make it easier to load the section you are interested in more quickly. The pages have been modified to better handle the large number of requests that it places on's image server. This includes a process to schedule download of images. Please do not refresh the page if you think they are downloading slowly. This is the intended behaviour so that we don't place an unreasonable load on's servers. These pages require javascript enabled in your browser. No images will load if javascript is disabled.

Colour borders have also been added to give a rough indication of how active they are. If the find count hasn't changed in the last five updates, then they will turn yellow. After 15 updates with no changes the border will turn orange, and red after 30. This is an approximate indicator of activity - most active geocachers should have a green border.

The various scripts have been developed and maintainer by a number of people:

  • mjbnz - developed original php script for producing the page(s)
  • Mark of geocooleys - developed the VB script to maintain the text file that maintains the statistics
  • radionut50 - maintains the statistics using the VB script
  • rediguana - makes sure it all works, made the javascript colour borders, and tries to keep it working condition


  • Cache Stats - good up-to-date summary of cache and cacher finds in Australasia. Also has some useful options for filtering by Country, Year and Month.
  • Caught@Work Geocaching Graphs - some great graphing tools here, built upon the database. They provide both individual and summary statistics.
  • It's Not About The Numbers - A site providing Global caching statistics, but it is only really useful for Premium Members (it uses the My Finds query). Still provides some nice summaries and stats though!
  • GSAK New Zealand Regions Map - There is a custom map available for GSAK that enables FindStatGen to produce a map of New Zealand regions. You'll need to download the map (look for the one called FindStatGenMapNewZealandRegions) and follow these instructions to enable it. Note that you need to be running the latest version of GSAK, and FindStatGen 3.5 or greater.