NZ MEGA 2012 Updates

2012-09-30: added Newsletter 9 - September 2012
2012-09-21: added Newsletter 8 - September 2012
2012-08-31: added Newsletter 7 - August 2012
2012-08-28: added Newsletter 6 - August 2012
2012-07-25: added Newsletter 5 - July 2012
2012-07-07: added Newsletter 4 - July 2012
2012-06-18: added featured cache(s): Rambling in the Rock and Pillars - Stonehenge (GC1B0G5)
2012-06-17: added featured cache(s): The Octagon (GCMG8Q), Don't Break the Pirate Code (GC23JFB)
2012-06-13: added as a Gold Sponsor
2012-05-31: added Newsletter 3 - May 2012
2012-03-01: added Newsletter 2 - February 2012
2012-03-01: added Registration information
2012-03-01: updated Accommodation information
2012-03-01: added NZ MEGA 2012 Organising Committee page with Moneydork and Cumbyrocks
2012-02-09: added bookmark lists for NZ MEGA 2012 Key Events and NZ MEGA 2012 Featured Caches
2012-02-08: added featured cache(s): Sands View (GC25PK3).
2012-02-04: added featured cache(s): Flagstaff Twins (GC180TC) and Flagstaff Hill (GCB0).
2012-01-31: Groundspeak founder Bryan Roth adds a Will Attend log.
2012-01-28: added Travel Resources page.
2012-01-28: added Newsletter 1 - January 2012
2012-01-21: Groundspeak founder Jeremy Irish adds a Will Attend log.
2012-01-17: NZ MEGA 2012 is listed on!
2011-11-08: added the frequently asked questions page.
2011-11-01: added an accommodation page.
2011-10-28: GPS Maps for visiting New Zealand released.
2011-10-27: Initial NZ MEGA 2012 Announcement released.


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