Register for NZ MEGA 2012 Here.

Registration for the NZ MEGA 2012 will open in early March. Online booking forms are expected to be made available in early March 2012. Payment methods will include New Zealand electronic deposits, New Zealand cheques by post, and PayPal for payments in Australian and United States dollars.

All attendees must be associated with a account in order to register for NZ MEGA 2012. So if you don’t yet have your own account now is the time to sign up!

Accommodation and Food are separate from Registration for NZ MEGA 2012.


And now what you all want to know – the price!

  • NZD75/AUD60*/USD60* per account.

* We reserve the right to modify the AUD and USD pricing if there are significant currency flucuations, but this will only affect those that haven't yet paid their registration.

Paid Registrations

Paid registrations are now open for those that are able to pay via electronic payment or cheque in New Zealand dollars. There has been a soft rollout of the Registration Form, and if you’ve been following the official NZ MEGA 2012 forum, you will already be aware of its release. Note that we cannot yet accept international payments, but we should be able to support international payments through PayPal in 2-3 weeks time. If you are intending on paying via PayPal, please do not complete the Registration form until we confirm that we have PayPal arrangements in place – we will be sure to email everyone as soon as it is ready!

To remind you, registrations are NZD75 per individual/couple/family group. Also, if you have completed the Registration of Interest form, you still need to complete the Registration form. Once we have received the payment into the Society's bank account, we will email you to confirm your registration.

We would encourage you to register and pay as soon as you are able – there are significant up front Mega costs that we need to pay in advance.

Registration Pack

The registration will include ONE registration pack regardless of the number of people under your account. The full contents of the registration pack will be announced over time pending sponsorship and funding. It WILL include ONE NZ MEGA 2012 geocoin per pack.

Each named attendee aged 14 and over will receive a lanyard and official NZ MEGA 2012 nametag. This will be your entrance ticket to activities occurring within NZ MEGA 2012.

Children aged 5-13 can receive a children’s registration pack upon request. This will include information about, and entrance to, many of the children’s activities. This may include a colouring competition, puzzles, games and craft items. Again this will be revealed over time as sponsorship and funding options develop.

If you wish to receive more than one registration pack, you may use your account more than once and pay the appropriate registration price again.