Sands View (GC25PK3)

By Gavin Treadgold (rediguana)

Otago is known for penguins, in particular the yellow-eyed penguin. Sandfly Bay is a well-known yellow-eyed penguin nesting spot, with over 500 nesting pairs being reported here in 2008. Sands View (GC25PK3) is located near a viewing platform - also built and opened that year.

The view from the platform. Click image to view larger in our Google+ Album.

The viewing platform is just a short couple of hundred metres from the car park, and from there you'll have a spectacular view of the bay. It is also near where you'll find the cache. Make sure to bring your camera to this one!

From the platform, you will also see some sand dunes. There is a 1 hour return, 3km walk (see DOC pdf) from the carpark down the beach to a yellow-eyed penguin hide. If you're feeling particularly fit and can find the right 'lab equipment' to bring, there is the Sandfly Bay Dunes earthcache (GC23B2E) for the more adventurous.

If you carry on down to the beach, as well as seeing penguins, there is also a very good chance you'll see the Hookers sea lion. Please ensure that you respect all signage with regards to approaching the wildlife you may encounter here.