Flagstaff Twins (GC180TC) and Flagstaff Hill (GCB0)

By Gavin Treadgold (rediguana)

Flagstaff Twins (GC180TC) is definitely a cache for anyone that likes a little exercise and to be rewarded with a lovely view.

From the parking at the Bullring, it is around a 1.75km walk oneway to the cache on the Pineapple Track, and you'll gain around 135m in altitude. But it is certainly worth it for the stunning panoramic view you'll obtain of Dunedin City and and the Otago Peninsula. It is hard to miss ground zero - as it is prominently marked by large rocks that are clearly visible from town. Definitely a spot for a photo opportunity! I haven't done it, but it could be a stunning spot for sunrise.

The view from Flagstaff Twins. Click image to view larger in our Google+ Album.

There are quite a few others caches on or near the Pineapple Track and you could easily spend a half or even a whole day up here. Just recently I spent about 5.5 hours up here, walking 19km, and finding 8 caches. It was an awesome day out.

Only 350m from Flagstaff Twins, is one of the oldest active caches in the South Island, Flagstaff Hill (GCB0), which was placed on the 11th November, 2000. This is most definitely an 'old skool' South Island cache – a 10l white pail, and protected by the odd prickly plant (which is about as dangerous as our flora and fauna get for caching in New Zealand).

Even if you are not tempted to stretch your legs further, coming up for these two caches alone will provide a nice diversion for an hour or two - and provided you with an oldie, and a goodie.

Note that the weather up here can be very changeable, so it is best done on a sunny day, and even then the weather can change in just 10-15 minutes, so come prepared.